Paolo Dalla Tor /Associate

Before joining RAD Paolo worked as an architect and award winning industrial designer in Venice and Amsterdam. Paolo’s works demonstrate a multidisciplinary approach to define the boundaries of art and space. He won several international competitions: the Yourope International Design Competition, the Koizumi 12th International Lighting Design Competition, and the 2007 Beverage Innovation Award. He also participated at the 49th Venice Biennale. As the Design Associate at RAD, Paolo works closely with Aaron on design direction, on many key RAD projects ranging from master planning to architecture. Paolo has completed two hotels, several office towers and SK Pavilion for Expo 2012. The projects he worked on have received many awards (e.g. HKIA for Xixuan hotel, PDRA for SK Pavilion and DFA for solo). He is currently the design leader for the SK HQ (275m) in Shanghai.