Aaron Tan /Director

Aaron studied architecture at Harvard from 1990-1993, where he completed his thesis on the Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong. Inspired by the intelligence of this walled city, and the dynamic growth of Asian cities in general, Aaron founded OMA Asia in Hong Kong in 1994 with the support of Rem Koolhaas, to explore new design possibilities. In 2001, the office became independent and was named RAD. Aaron continues to operate the office with a similar vision and interests. He works with a team of talented designers of multinational origin, to pursue new design approaches in the unique Asian socio-cultural matrix. Aaron's desire is to make meaningful intellectual and physical contributions to our culture and the built environment.

Aaron and his team have received design awards and the works have been exhibited in several international biennales, including Venice Biennale 2008 & 2010. Aaron also frequently delivers public lectures. Internationally, he is an active design critic, and has been appointed as the Hong Kong University External Examiner for 2011-2013.