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RAD is a planning, architecture and design office founded in Hong Kong by Aaron Tan in 1994. The office sets out to re-define new urbanism and architecture for emerging cities in Asia.

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Recognizing the socio-cultural matrix in which it operates, the office draws on the global nature of its urban architectural experience to develop new and contemporary Asian urban planning and architectural approaches.
RAD is a team of architects, urban planners, interior designers and media researchers of multinational origin.
Our projects include the SK Telecom HQ and W Hotel Seoul, education facilities and designer hotels in China and Korea, a highway center in Taiwan, office and residential towers in Hong Kong, and mixed use developments in India.
RAD has been profiled and published in several international architecture journals and exhibitions, including ArchiLab in France, PS1 in New York, the Hayward in London, Secession in Vienna and the Total Museum in Seoul.


Doro captures the art of life.
— Francesco Moschella


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